Awesome Room Divider Ideas to Make your Limited Space looks Amazing

Awesome room divider ideas to make your limited space looks amazing

Room divider can provide a new look to your space. It adds texture or even serving as pieces of art. For example, you can decorate your plain screen with some photos and memorabilia. Or you can paint the screen to make the screen match with the decor of your space.

A tall bookcase is can be a room divider, too; opt for an open back bookcase and fill the bookcase with interesting items to display. For a quick but pretty room divider, attach ribbons to drapery or shower-curtain rings and hang it from a curtain rod. Or consider to hang a vintage mirrors on a screen to create the illusion of added space. Check out these awesome room divider ideas to make your limited space looks amazing below.

Adding Uplights and Some Greenery to a Slatted Room Dividing Wall Create a Zen Vibe

Adding uplights and some greenery to a slatted room dividing wall create a zen vibe
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Bamboo Room Divider

Bamboo room divider
Source ; Pinterest

IKEA Sliding Doors Room Divider

Ikea sliding doors room divider
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Room Divider Can Open and Close as Needed

Room divider can open and close as needed
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Room Divider Shows Vertical Gardening

Room divider shows vertical gardening
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Room Divider Using Old Doors

Room divider using old doors
Source ; Pinterest

Room Divider Using Old Windows

Room divider using old windows
Source ; Pinterest

Rope Room Divider

Rope room divider
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Rope Wall Room Divider to Break up Loft Style Space

Rope wall room divider to break up loft style space
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Showcase Inspirational Office Workspaces

Showcase inspirational office workspaces
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The Room is Separated with Long Vertical Wooden Columns and the Provision of Shelves

The room is separated with long vertical wooden columns and the provision of shelves
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This Room Divider Hides the Stairwell

This room divider hides the stairwell
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Translucent Room Divider

Translucent room divider
Source ; Pinterest

Transparent Room Divider

Transparent room divider
Source ; Pinterest

Wood Lattice Divider

Wood lattice divider
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