Incredible Small Balcony Design Ideas

Incredible small balcony design ideas

Let’s decorate your cramped balcony into an additional living space with decorative furniture with these tips below. In small balcony, every square meter is count. So, create a light and airy atmosphere such as adding a metallic garden furniture, wire-framed or bistro style that is compact and also allow light to pass and adapted well to your small balcony. If you decided to add greenery, avoid flower pots and planters, go on vertical; attach the plants on the wall.

Optimize your corner space by creating a storage shelves to display plants, decorative objects or you can even install comfortable seating to enjoy the atmosphere. If your space don’t have much depth, opt for narrow furniture that will facilitate the movement; rectangular table, adding stools or a bench or laying a long carpet on the floor to accentuate the optical effect. To give more volume to your small balcony, play with the heights; put cushion on the ground to serve more seating area. Check out these incredible small balcony design ideas below to inspire you.

Balcony Hygge for a Family Apartment

Balcony hygge for a family apartment
Source: Pinterest

Balcony Ideal for Your Home with Plant Accents

Balcony ideal for your home with plant accents
Source: Pinterest

Best Scandinavian Apartment Balcony

Best scandinavian apartment balcony
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Cool and Breezy Small Balcony Design Ideas

Cool and breezy small balcony design ideas
Source: Pinterest

Dreamy Decor Ideas for a Small Balcony for Summer

Dreamy decor ideas for a small balcony for summer
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Extra Small Balcony Design with Coffee Table

Extra small balcony design with coffee table
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Great Ideas to Fix Your Balcony

Great idea to fix your balcony
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Pretty Decorating Ideas for Tiny Balcony Spaces

Pretty decorating ideas for tiny balcony spaces
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Seriously Small Apartment Balcony

Seriously small apartment balcony
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Small Balcony Decorating Ideas on a Budget

Small balcony decorating ideas on a budget
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Small Balcony Designs and Beautiful Ideas for Decorating Outdoor Garden

Small balcony designs and beautiful ideas for decorating outdoor garden
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Small Balcony Ideas for Gardens

Small balcony ideas for gardens
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Small Garden on Balcony Except Don’t Have Room for the Table

Small garden on the balcony except i don't have room for the table
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Superb Small Balcony Designs

Superb small balcony designs
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Tiny Furniture Ideas for Your Small Balcony

Tiny furniture ideas for your small balcony
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Warm Fall Decorations for Balcony

Warm fall decorations for balcony
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