Luxury Art Deco Slip Shade Chandelier Ideas

Luxury art deco slip shade chandelier ideas

Chandelier is a great addition to any room that provide excellent light and also can be the focal point or simply just adding another layer to a beautifully designed space. Make sure that your chandelier is the right size for the space. And keep the chandelier at least 4 feet from any wall or any large piece of furniture; sideboard, tall cabinet, etc. Do not limit your space by only having one chandelier (especially for large room), adding two (or more) smaller chandelier is also a great solution to consider.

Style of the chandelier is also one thing that should you consider, but the most important one is the function itself. Consider how much light is cast by the fixture; fixtures in kitchen should provide consistent and bright light. There is no need to be afraid when choosing your chandelier style, because modern chandelier can be look great in a traditional space, vise versa. Now check out these luxury art deco slip shade chandelier ideas below to inspire you.


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