Classic Wall Art for Your Vintage Bedroom

Classic wall art for your vintage bedroom

A sophisticated home can be done by decorating your wall space. You can add your empty walls with some arts, photos and other wall décor that tell the story of your personality. To find the right spot to place your art on the wall, measure up 60 inches from the ground. And if you are hanging art above a piece of furniture, leave between 3 and 8 inches of space above a sofa or table.

Having a wall decoration is easy but filling a large wall space can be intimidating, so consider to rely on a single large piece; original painting, large-scale fine art photograph and else. It is great to fill your wall space to show off your collection, but consider how the different elements will play off one another. Instead of an art, you can also decorate your empty wall space with shelves or ledges that also a  great option to display a mix of framed photos and art. If vintage is your style, check out this picture gallery of classic art below to inspire you.


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