36 DIY Shoes Racks and Shelves Ideas

Diy shoes racks and shelves ideas

Every house has one member who has stinky smelling feet and has failed numerous times to get rid of that bad smell. To keep your shoes from stinky smelling, use baking soda that acts as an excellent deodorizer for both shoes and feet. All you need to do is just sprinkling a bit of baking soda in your shoes before you keep your shoes on the shoe racks. But don’t forget to take off the baking soda before putting them on again.

Try to get rid of the unwanted smell from your shoe rack with alcohol; keep enough alcohol inside your shoes when placing them on the shoe rack, leave it overnight and the unwanted smell has completely disappear. You can also teabags and baby powder to remove the unwanted smell. If you have naturally smell feet, consider using dryer sheets when wearing shoes. Now it’s time to arrange your shoes with these 36 DIY shoes racks and shelves ideas below to inspire you.


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