42 Small Backyard Landscape Design to Make Yours Perfect


Decorate your backyard with subtle terracing with a dramatic wall that gives a feeling of enclosure and privacy that is great solution when neighbors might be close to your home. To add interest to your backyard, create a naturalistic stream and waterfall that adds movement, noise and wildlife to the backyard landscape that will be enjoyed by entire family and friends who come to your home. Or consider to make a terraced tiers that evoke a sense of peace, excitement and also interest in your urban backyard. If you have a kid, consider to create an easy backyard playhouse with a colorful summer teepee creates a backyard summer playhouse to enjoy from spring through fall.

If you like to have your own ‘vegetable market’, a well planned backyard vegetable garden plot can yield bountiful harvest of vegetables for you from spring to fall; tomatoes, squash, herbs and more. Make a personal space with bamboo rolls that are used to run vertically with black painted lattice that create a tranquil Japanese theme in your private backyard garden. Or make something that is useful for your own backyard such as a greenhouse for your vegetables and flowers. If you have small backyard, take a look at this picture gallery below to get some inspiration for your landscape design ideas.




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