45 Relaxed Bedroom Design Ideas to Inspire You


Creating a simple design is harder than it looks, especially in decorating bedroom. Every bedroom absolutely must have a bed in it, and beds are big and ungainly, and it dictate the placement of every other object in the room. But you can control the other elements and create a bedroom space that’s both practical and pretty if you plan the decoration correctly. Try to keep your bedroom circulation on one side of the room.

It is nice when you can keep your privacy of your bedroom, so try to avoid designing a layout in which you look directly into the bedroom for a more public space such as kitchen or family room. Your bedroom’s architecture should take your furniture into account, so consider the furniture layout. Increase light and ventilation by locating your bedroom at the corner of your home can give you windows on two or more adjacent walls that gives you the benefit of cross ventilation and a softer natural light. Take a look at these 45 relaxed bedroom design ideas to inspire you below.



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