53 Apartment Design Trends In 2019 That You Should Try

Apartment design trends in 2019 that you should try 41


Nowadays, many people choose to live in apartment or unit instead of a house. It is because living in a apartment can be much more cost effective than living in house for both bills and rent. The smaller the space, the more you save money on your gas and electric bills. Other reason is no maintenance, you can just call the property manager and have someone else deal with it.

Nowadays, most apartments have several layers of entry; main door, side door/fire door and the door of your apartment- so it means that living in apartment is more safety from thieves. Apartment also come with amenities that you wouldn’t normally get if you rent house; BBQ areas, laundry rooms, gym, pool, etc- so that means, you can save your money more for entertaining. Apartment is also have a low commitment, so, you’re able to move around whenever you like without being tied to a house with mortgage. Now, if you decided to stay in apartment but need some inspiration to decorate it, check out these 53 apartment design trends in 2019 that you should try below.



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