48 Creative Ideas to Use Wood Branches Into your Home Decor

Creative ideas to use wood branches into your home decor 46


The purpose of DIY projects is to use what you already have at a hand and upcycle the items creatively into objects that filled with memory and substance. Not all DIY project materials are easy to find, but not with wood branches. Even if you are not living near a forest, branches are easy to transport (if it’s not too big). And branches will give your space a wonderful natural touch to your interior design.

A DIY wooden branches will surely amaze you. Wooden branches are fluid, organic, slim and long, so they tend to reach the sky on a path filled with dynamicity, texture and flowing beauty. You can simply use them as handrail, hanger, or even as a body for floor lamp. To inspire you, check out these 48 creative ideas to use wood branches into your home decor below.



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