54 Creative DIY Compost Bin Ideas To Create a ‘Garden Gold’

    Creative diy compost bin ideas to create a 'garden gold' 48

    Compost is decomposed organic material such as grass clipping, eaves and kitchen waste that will improve soil structure so the soil can easily hold the correct amount of moisture, nutrients and air. It provides many essential nutrients for plants growth and it is often used as fertilizer. It also improves the texture of both clay soils and sandy soils. The result will make either type rich, moisture retentive and loamy.

    Another benefit of compost is that it reduction your garbage volume. That is why, you need to make a proper space to make your own compost. You can simply make a hole to your soil and keep it there, or make your own compost bin. Now, if you decided to make your own compost bin, check out these 54 creative DIY compost bin ideas to create a ‘Garden Gold’ below to inspire you.





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