51 Bathroom Design Ideas With Freestanding Bathtub

Bathroom design ideas with freestanding bathtub 51

Freestanding bathtub is beautiful and it creates a focal point to your bathroom that says luxury. There are endless option of freestanding bathtub, so, ensure that you are selecting the perfect style for your bathroom space. To get the perfect freestanding bathtub, understand what size tub you need. Measure the area where the bathtub is going to be placed and plan to have at least 4″ of space between your tub and the bathroom wall on all side.

Choose your freestanding tub style and select a bathtub material that suits your need. The style and material of the freestanding tub you choose will determine which type of tub filler options you have, so consider your tub faucet. There are variety of freestanding bathtub accessories, so, personalize and customize it to add character or convenience. To inspire you, check out these 51 bathroom design ideas with freestanding bathtub below.



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