8 Best Indoor Plants You Need in Your Home

Collage plant

Nowadays, indoor plants are become an essential component of every interior design. It is popular because they are relatively easy to take care of, provide health benefits and can also be used in a variety of indoor decor themes. If you have a little garden space for an outdoor garden, indoor plants are great option for you. So, what are you waiting for?

First thing first, consider how much light do your indoor plants need and what qualities make for a good indoor plant. If you are a newbie, choose an easy-to-take-care plants at first; succulents. And also, consider which size that suitable for your space. To help you out, check out these 8 best indoor plants you need in your home below to master your planting skills.

1. Snake Plant

1. snake plant

Snake plant is good for air purifying in your home. Some people call it as mother in law tongue plant and usually place it near the garage to purify toxic gas from the car pollution.

2. Aloe Vera

2. aloe vera

No doubt that aloe Vera has many things you can benefit from, especially to purify the air circulation in the room.

3. Cactus Indoor Plant

3. cactus

Cactus plants can grow well even in the room as long as you take good care of this plant. There are some studies confirmed that the anti-inflammatory as the one of the properties can heal wounds naturally.

4. Palm Indoor Plant

4. palm

In addition to decor your home, palm plant is very good for producing natural fan from its leaves.

5. Spider Plant

5. spider plant

Spider plant is easy to grow and maintain for indoor aesthetic and natural air purifier. It is because of its benefits in producing oxygen and absorbing impure air.

6. Dwarf Banana

6. dwarf banana

Dwarf banana is a tropical plant that really nice to place in the corner in your home. The existence of the plant benefits to give nature atmosphere of the space.

7. Golden Pothos

7. golden pothos
7.2 golden pothos

Pothos has known as one of plants good to purify the air and eliminate odors.

8. Peace Lily

8. peace lily

Peace lily is also a tropical plant easy to maintain. You just need to water and take it out for a while in the morning to give it enough light. Its properties are good to neutralize toxic gas and carbon monoxide, etc.


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