46 Interesting Flower Pot Design Ideas for Your Garden

Interesting flower pot design ideas for your garden 13

Flower pot is a fun and satisfying method to grow your favorite plants. Flower pot comes in a variety materials. When choosing flower pot, choose the one that have a good drainage holes to allow excess water to drain. Also consider to fill it with a quality commercial potting soil that include peat moss, compost, perlite, vermiculite and/or rotted manure.

Actually you can grow almost anything in your flower pot. So, enjoy an edible banquet by mixing a few of each type. For example, strawberries and lettuce, their taste is as good as they look and make a great companions for sun-loving annual and perennial flowers. Be ready to fill your garden with plants in interesting flower pot design and check out these 46 interesting flower pot design ideas for your garden below to inspire you.



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