53 Classic Lamp Ideas for Kitchen Ceilings

    Classic lamp ideas for kitchen ceilings 48

    Lighting in a room can completely change the way it feels. If you need an inspiration to choose lighting for the ceiling, stay still and enjoy your time reading this article. If you have a vaulted ceilings, for example, a recessed ceiling lighting is an excellent choice to achieve a sleek, modern and unclutter aesthetic. Opt for an adjustable version when using it in sloped ceiling and make sure that you have enough space above the ceiling for recessed features to be installed.

    Pendant fixtures will hang from a vaulted ceiling and look more decorative. And this type of fixtures are also versatile and come in a wide variety of colors and styles. These can range from the classical chandelier to some much more modern looking designs. If you are struggling with your kitchen ceiling, check out these 53 classic lamp ideas for kitchen ceilings below.



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