8 Adorable Wreath Ideas to Embellish Your Home


A wreath is something nice and adorable for home décor. It is simple, but its existence is significant for aesthetics and pleasant atmosphere for your home. Especially in the winter, the wreath has always been there to embellish the door. A collection of cute pompom wreaths or simple hoop wreath will be an eye-catching thing to see. Let’s check these adorable wreath ideas!

  1. Colorful Pompom Wreath

1. pom pom wreath

Pompom is so cute and also easy to make. The combination of various sizes and colors really creates a joyous atmosphere.

  1. Boho Chic Wreath

2. boho chick wreath


Boho theme is not only lovely for fashion, but also chic to make as a wreath. Just stick it on the wall and it will be so adorable huh!

  1. Hoop Wreath

3. hoop wreath

Playing hoop is fun, then use it to make a wreath is more interesting. The addition a lovely ribbon and some flowers on the wreath create an adorable wreath.

  1. Fabric Scraps Wreath

4. fabric scraps wreath

It’s similar to Boho wreath in the previous idea, but if you see closely actually it was made from fabric scraps. If you love sewing, it’s nice to be made as a wreath.

  1. Pinecone Wreath

5. pinecone wreath

During the season, usually pinecones are always be there becomes decoration. First, the pinecones are colored then taped in a circle.

  1. Dried Orange Wreath

6. dried orange wreath

For dried orange wreath you’ll get a beautiful decoration and a good smell as well. The natural fragrance comes from the dried orange is the unique thing of the wreath. This idea is very interesting to copy.

  1. Green Wreath

7. green wreath

In the previous ideas, there are colorful wreaths that’s really nice to embellish your home. This time you can also bring natural atmosphere from the green leaf wreath. It’s easy to make and look fresh for your home.

  1. Button Wreath

8. button wreath

Making a button wreath is also nice to do in this season. Creativity and beauty are the two things you have.


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