10 Ways to Decorate Your Apothecary Jars for Spring

Faux nest apothecary jars

The great value of decor pieces is that if they can be changed and redecorated to fit the occasion or the season. And the good basic pieces is the one that makes decorating affordable and easy for any wallet. If you need that kind of piece, try apothecary jars. There are so many ways that you can try with it and you can display it anywhere. And apothecary jars are as necessary as throw pillow.

1. A Little Touch of Green

A little touch of green

Prepare a potted succulents or mini fern and bring them new home by putting them in apothecary jar.

2. Blooming Flower

Blooming flower

Copy the wedding reception table ideas to your home. Prepare your favorite blooms and put it in the apothecary jar; don’t forget to add water and change the water everyday to make the flower keep blooms.

3. Fruit Apothecary Jar

Fruit apothecary jar

Fill your apothecary jars with lemons and limes. The bright colors that the lemons and lime’s bring infuse your decor with some spring energy.

4. Pastel Eggs Apothecary Jars

Pastel eggs apothecary jars

Even Easter is already over, feel free to fill your apothecary jar with pastel plastic eggs or you can store them with pretty pastel candy.

5. Rainbow Apothecary Jars

Rainbow apothecary jars

Create rainbow apothecary jars using gumballs or jellybeans.

6. Faux Nest Apothecary Jars

Faux nest apothecary jars

This apothecary jar filler is leans towards natural colors and textures. A faux nest is make your spring jars seasonally appropriate while staying neutral.

7. Spring-Theme Apothecary Jars

Spring-theme apothecary jars

Splurge your favorite spring figurine such as bunny, eggs and candles with a bit of faux grass and some blooms.

8. Chocolate apothecary

Chocolate apothecary

Use chocolate hoppers to give your rabbit’s figurine a bit more of a family friendly look.

9. Teacups Apothecary Jars

Teacups apothecary jars

Stack your floral patterns teacups in apothecary jars and your space will be fit for the prettiest spring tea party ever.

10. Fairy Lights

Fairy lights

Fill your jars with fairy lights to keep the magical sparkle in your decor.


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