9 Picturesque Hardwood Floor Designs and Ideas for Your Home

9 picturesque hardwood floor designs and ideas for your home

Flooring is a key to create more harmony home design. It is a simple part for a house but can upgrade your house look. Choosing the best trend and timeless flooring style to keep your house on the track but will not spend much money. Here are some flooring styles to inspire you;

Various Plank Sizes

Various plank sizes

Mixing and matching various sizes for a different look is a must. It will fresh your floor which can affect your house design. Try to apply this various plank sizes floor to get more intimate look.

Painted Hardwood

Painted hardwood

Bring warmer atmosphere for your house can be so easy by applying painted hardwood. Feel free to choose grays, greens, or whites for a more dramatic look. It’s good to spend your holiday and get relax for some moments.

Ebonized Floors

Ebonized floors

Creating an elegant room will be easier using ebonized floors. It looks great even for a white room. You will love ebonized floor because this is not a stain but chemical treatment. So, what are you waiting for? Take this for your lovely home.

Herringbone Pattern

Herringbone pattern

If you want to make your house more eye catching, this herringbone pattern is the best choice. You are free to mix and match this pattern with any furniture for your house, whether you want to apply modern or country style.

Bespoke Pattern

Bespoke pattern

Apply one-of-a-kind flooring to mix and match your furniture. If you are a man who has antiques, unique artwork, and treasures from another countries, this bespoke pattern will work well for your house. Have this pattern and let your house be more interesting.

Parquet Tiles

Parquet tiles

Unusual geometric wood parquet tile works beautiful with mid century furniture to create one rhythm for a house. Make it more astounding by using vintage furniture and a pastel wall color. Have this parquet tiles for a country house will be brilliant idea.

Limed Floors

Limed floors

For a coastal house style, applying pretty planks embody that effortless, laid back, and casual style will be stunning. Here, you can feel the atmosphere of beach near your house.  Wicker furniture works well with this limed floor and create a wonderful harmony.

Whitewashed Floors

Whitewashed floors

White comes with timeless floor style for any house design. It bring your house to a colonial time but still applicable for today’s decoration. Let your house looked bigger and brighter with whitewashed floors.

Painted Pattern

Painted pattern

Painting wood floor will upgrade your house look. Just try to create two or more patterns to make it fresh. The pattern will renew your floor appearance. You are free to choose the pattern as you like.



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