Creative Ways to Decorate Your Small Garden

Creative ways to decorate your small garden

Do you have a great passion to plant some flowers, herbs, or event succulents? The problem comes when you don’t have enough landscape. Your house only provides you a small garden to plant your favorite planters. Here are the ways to plant your favorite plant in small garden;

Create a Magical Garden

Create a magical garden

Fairy garden bring your mind to live in magic place. Take a look at this garden which full of small plants and pebble. Feel free to design your magical garden with some succulents, herbs, or any small plants.

Upcycle Old Furniture

Upcycle old furniture

Up cycling old wooden lather for plants display help you to upgrade your house view. It deals with small garden on your backyard.  This way is good for you who want to have garden but have problem on landscaping.

Plant a Vertical Garden

Plant a vertical garden

Vertical garden look stunning to be apply for your small backyard. Even, if you hang some plants on the fence. Choose your favorite flowers and plant them on a small pot. Arrange them on the fence or wall.

Try a Mini Bench

Try a mini bench

Whenever you don’t have any space to put your plants, use a mini bench. By planting the flower on the pot and arrange them on the bench, it will create a cozy look. The corner of your room may be the best place to them.

Add a Charming Window Box

Add a charming window box

A window box can be one of alternatives to plant your favorite herb outside. It doesn’t take large space, just underneath of your window. Make the window or buy it from the nearest storage will help you to beautify your house.

Design a Functional Space for Plants

Design a functional space for plants

How about this idea? You can plant some herbs, flowers or other tiny plants in a table. This unique way create outstanding look for your front yard. Just be ready to maintenance your plants every day to keep them grow up well.

Paint the Patio Floor

Paint the patio floor

Painting patio floor can be one of the ways to create amazing look for your yard. It gives you an illusion of large area. Sure, this idea makes your garden look larger than its actual size.

Build a Multi-Functional Table

Build a muti-functional table

This aide table can be used for putting anything included a pot of flower. Just jet your plants grow up well on this incredible table. Your plant will get much sun light. So, it will make your front porch more beautiful.




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