9 Cozy Sunroom Decorating Design Ideas to Brighten Your House

9 cozy sunroom decorating design ideas to brighten your house(1)

Natural lighting is not only save your budget but also give many benefits for your health. You have to take time to choose the best furniture and accessories to make the sunroom become cozy. So, this is not only a healthy room but also make you feel comfort. Here are some sunroom design ideas to try;

Comfy Chaise

Comfy chaise

This sunroom can be one of your favorite rooms. With its throw pillows, cushy longue, great books, and everything in between, this room is super comfort to waste your time.

Ready Shades

Ready shades

How about Roman shades style like this? Too much shine will attack your eyes; with some shades this room looks calm and fresh. It is still bright and cozy, right?

Statement Pendant

Statement pendant

A comfortable breakfast table looks amazing to be put beside the window. You will enjoy the sunrise while drinking your lovely coffee and a piece of tiramisu. The pendant tells this room more than words. Enjoy your morning!

Retractable Panels

Retractable panels

Let the fresh air come to your house entirely along with the sunlight. Just open the glass wall and make your room brighter. Now, your room will be more exciting.

Repurposed Furniture

Repurposed furniture

Turning a basket into a table will upgrade your sunroom look. Adding a planter above it makes this room more stunning.  You are free to make the table by yourself or buy it at the nearest store.

She Shed

She shed

By adding some salvaged windows and five French doors, this room will get more sunrise. The space doubles as a potting bench and reading nook brings the room into more classic view. Furthermore, with glimmering lanterns and oil lamps this room will be easy to face the dark when night comes.

Cozy Hearth

Cozy hearth

This relaxing spot make you feel like in South Carolina. Just provide plenty of pillow and throws to make this room looks cozy. A fire place at this room functions as the center of interest. Enjoy yourself at 6 foot-long swing to rest your body.

Seasonal Touches

Seasonal touches

In a series of spring, clerestory-style windows help you to make this room get more sunlight. It is good for your skin, especially the morning one. While another seasons, you are free to change the design whether replace the planters or some other things.

Entertaining Hub

Entertaining hub

A bright dining room can be function as sunroom as well. The glass wall welcome the sunlight goes through and spread the light entirely. Just take the food or beverage while enjoy the sun.




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