8 Cozy Ways to Decorate Your Porch for Fall

8 cozy ways to decorate your porch for fall

Summer is almost over, and it’s time to start thinking about rearranging your home. Keep the summer theme and be ready for fall. As we know, we always want to have a good first impression. So why don’t you start to think about decorating your porch or patio. Give them a fall-ready makeover with some a colorful wreaths, festive door decorations or even a fall flower. Check out these 8 cozy ways to decorate your porch for fall below to inspire you.

1. Orange Mums and Gourds

Orange mums and gourds

Give your porch a simple decoration by styling fresh flowers and gourds in a cascading fashion down your front steps.

2. Pillows and Plaid

Pillows and plaid

Beautify your porch furniture with a few pillows and blankets in festive autumnal colors and plaid prints. You can also add a fresh pumpkin and your porch is ready to entertain your guests.

3. Pastel Color

Pastel color

Bright orange and red hues are the best for autumn. Opt for fall staples like pumpkins, mums, and wreaths in soft shades of blues, white, oranges, oink and peaches instead.

4. Green and Orange Decor

Green and orange decor

Style your porch with green and teal items like chairs, pumpkins, and fresh greenery. Style it with corn stalks and hay bales and you’ll have the ultimate autumn space.

5. All Out

All out

Spares no expense with a giant wreath, an assortment of gourds, and cozy throw blankets to boot to decorate your porch.

6. Corn Husks

Corn husks

Add a seasonal curb appeal to your front house with a corn husks just like in the picture above.

7. Simple, Seasonal Decoration

Simple, seasonal decoration

Spruce up your entry with this simple, seasonal and something that you have such as wooden ladder, grapevine wreath and a bushel basket.

8. Metallic-Gold Color

Metallic-gold color

Go modern with an updated color palette such as white and metallic gold pumpkins to add some glam to traditional pumpkins. Paint your pumpkins more easily by using spray paint.


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