Comfortable Outdoor Benches with L-Shaped Design

Comfortable outdoor benches with l-shaped design

Great outdoor furniture brings comfort and function to your outdoor space. All you need is a thoughtful planning that will ensure your outdoor space is inviting for years to come. As for the seating, the nice one is the one that looks good and comfortable to sit and relax especially during summer. Learn before buy; the materials, the maintenance and also the price. If you decided to add a bench to your outdoor space to celebrate the sun during summer, take a look at these 8 comfortable outdoor benches with L-shaped design below to inspire you.

1. White bench

White themed bench

This outdoor seating area is so simple but so lovable. A white L-shaped bench with storage can be used as an extra seating and you can add a color by adding a throw pillow and cushion to feel comfortable while enjoying your summer outside with family and friends.

2. Pallet Bench

Pallet bench

There is no better way to spend your evening with family and friends than a built-in bench with storage around a cozy fire pit. This one is a good example for a contemporary outdoor seating.

3. Small Bench

Small bench

This small pallet bench is a solution for your small space. It is also have a storage space that helps you keep your stuff out of your eye sight.

4. White Wooden Bench

White wooden bench

Make your wooden bench blend well with your style simply by paint them with any color that suitable with your style. We can see above, a white wooden bench with storage with upholstery and a contrasting rustic table is a perfect example of a rustic outdoor seating.

5. Concrete Bench

Concrete bench

Let’s go beyond the standard wooden bench with this artsy concrete bench top. Again, you can add a color to your outdoor space with floweries and also, throw pillow.

6. Light-Colored Wooden Bench

Light-colored wooden bench

Give your outdoor space a Scandinavian look by adding this light-colored L-shaped wooden bench.

7. Stained Wooden Bench

Stained wooden bench

You can also try to pair your stained wooden L-shaped bench with a modern glass table just like in the picture above.

8. Brick Bench

Brick bench

This brick bench is so lovable. It is low-maintenance, long last, sturdy, and you still can make them prettier by adding a soft cushion and throw pillow.

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