10 Creative Ways to Decorate With Map to Upgrade Your Room

10 creative ways to decorate with map to upgrade your room

Map deals with classic and art. Using map as artwork for a room give different art value to your house. This map art work will be fit to any other house types. Just be ready to decorate room with your creativity. You can take a look at these creative ways to decorate with map as examples;

Artistic Accent Wall

Small desk area

This map wallpaper will give your room different view. Your ordinary kid room or office room will be more delighted using this wallpaper. Don’t forget about lighting, it will affect the beauty of your room as well.

Worldly Window Treatment

Map window shade

This vintage map of Australia can block the sunlight at mid day. Moreover, this window style also functions as artwork at your bed room. Staple the map on a roller to make it easy to be closed or opened.

Statement Showpiece

Decorating gallery

Change your living room appearance by putting oversize maps in bright hues. The black glass frames make them serious as a wall art. They will attract your guest eyes to be hanged over the sofa.

DIY Wall Art

Diy wall art

Cut your big map into three small one in paper print sizes. Then, give them bright frame or brown to make it more interesting.

One-of-a-Kind Backsplash

One-of-a-kind backsplash

Map wall art look amazing to be used as a kind of backsplash for your kitchen. The idea of using map creates unique perspective for a room which usually full of natural devices.

Privacy with a Punch

World map door

If you need more privacy room for meeting, this map style also helps you to get it done. Just take your scissor and cut down your map in rectangular shape. Use them for covering the glass on the door.

Atlas Asset

Atlas assets

You are please to use map for your DIY headboard. This style will upgrade your bedroom look. Choose the colorful one to make your bedroom more cheerful.

Wooden Work of Art

Wooden work of art

Map work art made from wood look neutral for any room. But, this work art also eye catching and natural. Hang it on the wall over sofa and see how wonderful it is.

No-Sew Map Pillows

No-sew map pillows

First of all, you need to scan an image form atlas and print on transfer paper. Iron the map into light linen fabric. Then, you will see the result. You are free to try other shapes.

Center of Attention

Bar stools

If you have a blank wall or window, it will be great idea to hang a map at middle of it. The map will be the center of attention of your guest view. It also functions as art work with unique look.



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