10 Best Cottage Styles Garden To Inspire You

10 best cottage styles garden to inspire you

Designing cottage style garden deals with the usage of old furniture which is re-purposed and some ancient flowers. This garden style brings the guest to back to the earlier age of the century. It makes your garden look vintage and has its real beauty which will not look monotonous. Here are some inspirations to try;

Old Pots and Pans as Planters

Old pots and pans as planters

Planting Muscari or grape hyacinth is a great idea to add spring blooming bulb for your garden. The use of old plots and plans bring your garden into cottage style. It looks classic and calm.

Barrel of Petunias by the Bird Feeder

Barrel of petunias by the bird feeder

Creating chic garden will also be a wonderful project for you this weekend.  Petunias are one of simple flowers that will always looks charming for any season. Add bird-feeder to make your garden more interesting.

Bicycle Baskets Overflowing with Blossoms

Bicycle baskets overflowing with blossoms

You don’t have to throw away your broken bicycle to your warehouse. It can be transformed into a unique landscape for making cottage style garden. Plant some blossoms and make your garden colorful.

Dramatic Flowers Climbing on an Arbor

Dramatic flowers climbing on an arbor

Design your garden path with an arbor which has dramatic flower. You are free to plant any flowers as long as it will grow overflowing on the arbor.

Cottage Style Garden Ideas for Old Furniture

Cottage style garden ideas for old furniture

Old chair and some old bird houses also can be transformed into cottage garden style as well. You are free to plant any flowers and grass at the landscape.

Outdoor Shelving with Shovel Sign

Outdoor shelving with shovel sign

Rusted metal gives sign to your garden in a vintage look. You can make it by yourself in a simple way. Planting some orchids is one way to full this cottage style garden.

White Picket Fence with Arch

White picket fence with arch

White gate makes your garden look classic. It can be function as gate way to welcome your guest as well. Furthermore, this gate can cover your plants from outside.

Wheelbarrow with Blooming Planters

Wheelbarrow with blooming planters

Putting your annual flower on a rustic garden wheelbarrow is amazing. It simple and doesn’t need much work to do. You don’t need to spend more money as well.

Ladder Plant Stand with Birdhouses

Ladder plant stand with birdhouses

Using ladder as the landscape for some pots also gives a new style for your garden. Adding birdhouses on the top of will make a natural view. This style makes your house looks fresh.

Climbing Roses on the Gate

Climbing roses on the gate

Climbing rose on the gate make your garden looks romantic. The colorful rose brings the outdoor of the house cheerful. This may become one of your favorite places.

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