8 Smart Bar Designs for Outdoor Space

8 smart bar designs for outdoor space

Let’s spend out time outdoor as much as possible during summer. If you have an outdoor space- large or small one, let’s make an outdoor bar. You can go or a murphy’s bar or a simple outdoor bar. Check out these 8 smart bar designs for outdoor space below to inspire you.

1. Large Sliding Window Bar

Large sliding window bar

If you have small space to make an outdoor bar, a large sliding window can be a great idea to consider.

2. Black Bar Lined

Black bar lined

A kitchen pass through is fitted with glass folding windows fitted with a black bar lined with black stools.

3. Small Bar Counter

Small bar counter

A small bar counter and a window to the kitchen with a comfy stools to enjoy drinks with friends during summer. Cool!

4. Tropical-Themed Outdoor Bar

Tropical themed outdoor bar

A folding window, a white bar counter and tropical stools of rattan and with upholstery for a tropical-themed outdoor bar that is so perfect for your summer outdoor activity.

5. Concrete Windowsill Bar

Concrete windowsill bar

Attach a concrete windowsill outdoors and use the kitchen window to serve drinks for your guests.

6. Foldable Hanging Bar

Foldable hanging bar

A foldable hanging bar won’t take much space in your outdoor space. And the great thing about it is that it can be hidden any time.

7. DIY Bar

Diy bar

This simple drop-down garden drinks bar is can be easily to make and it is perfect for a hot summer night.

8. Beachy Bar

Beachy bar

An outdoor foldable beachy bar of whitewashed wood with colorful glasses for a relaxed beach-inspired space.

Other Gallery for Smart Bar Designs for Outdoor Space from https://www.pinterest.com


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