2018 Garden Design Tips to Consider

2018 garden design tips to consider

The best gardens are those that make people happy and comfortable. Sure, great gardens look good, but they have to feel good, too. The gardens that everyone admire most are relaxing, easy to move through, and not too hard to maintain. Paths and structures must be simple to navigate, while the plants selected must provide interest and serve a function.

For 2018, garden trends emphasize the concept of providing pleasure to people in their own garden. Create a relaxing place for everyone with these tips below.

1. Embracing the Small Garden

Embracing the small garden

Space is at a premium these day. But you still can have a great garden even if you only have a small garden space. Many designers are determined to make the small garden useful and attractive these day. Consider to add multipurpose features just like in the picture above. The concrete fire feature creates a bold element that runs through the space. And to appreciate and explore combinations of plants, consider container combinations.

2. Rethinking Alfresco Dining

Rethinking alfresco dining

To create the ultimate outdoor dining destination, surround the outdoor dining space with in-ground and container plants for a lush feeling. Turn your outdoor dining space with special flooring, lighting and furniture. Don’t forget to include pre- and post-dinner entertainment spaces nearby; fire pit, pool, etc.

3. Making Craftsmanship a Priority

Making craftsmanship a priority

Handcrafted is always the best. It can add a structure or other important element to your outdoor space. The walls above is made as an opening over the pool and ended with the straight lintel.

4. Restoring Habitat at Home

Restoring habitat at home

To restore their habitat, you can try to grow both seed-producing and berry-bearing plants. Restrict or stop using insecticides. And also, consider replacing some or all of your lawn.

5. Experimenting with What you Grow

Experimenting with what you grow

Add some botanical variety to your garden space by growing unusual edibles. Get creative with houseplants; leading the eye, creating focal points, providing repetition and contrast, framing views, and lending texture, color, and form. And also, consider to cultivate a succulent collection.

6. Creating a Sense of Enclosure

Creating a sense of enclosure

Create a sense of enclosure that felt welcoming by create a scrim of foliage with lacy-leaved small trees. Hide a meditation bench along a side path for a secluded place to sit. And also, lightly screen the street with a deep planting bed between the curb and lawn.

7. Pushing the Seasonal Boundaries

Pushing the seasonal boundaries

Many gardeners nowadays are putting more through into their winter landscape. When selecting plants for winter interest, look for deciduous shrubs or trees with colorful or peeling bark. Also look for an evergreens that change color in winter. And consider to look for an early bloomers that bring late winter flowers.

8. Seeking Inspiration in Person

Seeking Inspiration in Person

The best way to get inspiration is by visiting world-renowned gardens in person and copy them for your own garden.


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