10 Good Looking Tropical Prints to Welcome Summer

10 good looking tropical prints to welcome summer

Tropical print is the jungle-esque patterns gone psychedelic, moody, and/or abstract that we are super excited to see popping up everywhere especially on summer. It is not only about your boyfriend’s shirts, but it can go everywhere; shower curtains, throw pillow, wallpaper- everywhere! Take a look!

1. Tropical Wallpaper

Tropical wallpaper

What is the simplest and easiest way to change your overall look of  your bathroom space? Yes, it is applying wallpaper.

2. Tropical Shower Curtain

Tropical shower curtain

But if you think that applying tropical theme wallpaper for all your wall is overwhelming for you, just add a small accent can also become another great option to bring summer vibe to your bathroom; tropical shower curtain.

3. Tropical Sofa

Tropical sofa

This tropical sofa is a clean, modernist look that will work almost anywhere. The ultra slim frame of this sofa make it does not look bulky. You can buy this sofa, or if you are on a budget, be creative by replacing your old sofa’s fabric with tropical theme fabric.

4. Tropical Throw Pillows

Tropical throw pillows

Buying a new sofa can be a bit pricey for you, and replacing the fabric need a good sewing skill meanwhile you are not into it, it’s okay. There is still another way to bring the summer vibe to your space; tropical throw pillows.

6. Tropical Rug

Tropical rug

An adorable tropical rug to give your guest extra seating.

7. Tropical Vases

Tropical vases

This pineapple vases absolutely will be the best centerpiece of your table.

8. Tropical Serving Tray

Tropical serving tray

Another great option to bring the summer vibe. If you have a plain serving tray and you think that you are creative enough, you can simply paint it with some tropical theme, or simply draw a leaves to get the summer vibe through your tray.

9. Tropical Bed Cover

Tropical bed cover

Bring this theme to your bedroom with this tropical bed cover. So you will feel like a holiday all the time. The green color also give you a good vibrant when you wake up in the morning.

10. Tropical Tablecloth

Tropical tablecloth

The great things about tablecloth is that you can simply replace it with another one when the season is change.


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