10 Smart Ways to Hide All the Eyesores in Your Home

10 smart ways to hide all the eyesores in your home

Sometimes, our home looks clutter when we see some things spread out somewhere. These all eyesore usually can be organized well. Even, sometimes you have ugly household fixtures that you want to hide from your guest. Here are ten smart ways to hide all eyesores at your room;

Hide Your Chords

Hide your chords

Hiding chords will be a brilliant idea for make your house tidier. Chords look disturbing and make your room looks clutter. You need a box in any design you like to hide the chords inside. By this way, your room will tidier.

Stair Storage

Stair storage

What a great idea to use stair storage for your house. Here, you can save any kind of thing such as your children toys, books, shoes or other stuffs. It doesn’t require more space. Your room will look organized well by this.

Extra Deep Laundry Drawers

Extra deep laundry drawers

With these extra deep laundry drawers, you are pleased to put on your dirty cloth at this. This way is good to keep your room clean and tidy. This drawer helps you to save storage as well.

Charging Station Drawer

Charging station drawer

The drawer also gives more useful thing. Just save your charging station on it. You will not be disturbed by any kinds of cable or wire everywhere if you use your drawer for hiding the charging station.

Hidden Kitty Litter

Hidden kitty litter

If you have a kitty litter, it will be better for you to hide on a cupboard. This is a smart way to make your room look more organized. You can try to use this way for your house, especially when you only have a small room.

Kids Car Garage

Kids car garage

On your outdoor, you can make a simple kids car garage. Take this idea for your backyard and do the project with your children. They will happy to see their car on the right place. It looks cool, doesn’t it?

Paper Towel Cover

Paper towel cover

This fancy crown molding will keep your paper towel on the right path. It looks elegant for putting something upper this, just like chandelier, lamps, or anything you need.  Your bathroom looks more astounding when you put this crown molding.

Dog Feeding Drawer

Dog feeding drawer

Do you love dog? Pay attention to how you feed your dog. This dog feeding drawer helps you to keep your dog full but not caused cluttering on your house. Do this for your house and see how brilliant this idea.

Hidden Jewelry

Hidden jewelry

Hide your jewelry behind this beautiful painting. It save storage and make your house more beautiful. Even, you can hide anything you want behind the painting. Just make sure to not make it overload.

Fake Rock Domes

Fake rock domes

Try this for your backyard soon. The idea of hiding water pipe makes your outdoor space look more interesting. Just try to use fake rock dome to hide it. Your backyard seems natural with this fake rock dome.



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