10 Smart and Simple Decoration Ideas To Make Over a Room in a Day

10 smart and simple decorating ideas to make over a room in a day

Decorating a room will upgrade your house look. But, sometimes it needs more to do. You have to prepare anything you need, before trying to change your room decoration. Moreover, you have many things to do outside as well. Here, there are some simple ideas to make over your room in one day;

Mix In a New Pattern

Mix in a new pattern

Don’t be worry to try a new pattern for your house. Mix and match line pattern and faded batik prints make this room looks catchy. If you want to combine other patterns with faded batik will make your room more interesting.

Incorporate Modern Flair

Incorporate modern flair

Look at the picture! This design only asks you to replace one of your furniture into the modern style. It will change the room look. You don’t have to change all sofas here, only one but it gives better result for you.

Make Bedding Changes

Make bedding changes

Give a new touch for your bedroom by changing the bed cover color also upgrade your decoration. You can place a sheet and comforter sets to be put on your bedroom to get a better look. This way is no need long time to do.

Try a Patch of Wallpaper

Try a patch of wallpaper

If you have a small bathroom and want to make it look different, you can add a path of wall paper. You don’t have to cover the entire wall, but just a part of it. Here, a part wall behind the mirror already covered by wallpaper and make it looks amazing.

Spruce Up Window Shades

Spruce up window shades

Try to add simple touch to your window is an alternative to change your house design easily. Give simple wallpaper on the window to make it has same color as your bedroom. It looks fresh and tidy with one step only.

Brighten Up Built-Ins

Brighten up built-ins

Make a dramatic different to upgrade your room look. Here, the wall color behind the bookcase can be a smart choice to be combined with other furniture. You change it with orange, yellow, red, or any colors as your desire.

Mix and Match Chairs

Mix and match chairs

Changing some chairs on your dining room also will upgrade this room appearance. This is a simple way to do. Just take some new or old chair and put together with the sets chairs before. It gives new touch and change the atmosphere.

Turn Your Floors Color

Turn your floors color

A white bathroom looks amazing when you change the color of the floor into blue or other bright color. The bathroom can show its new appearance without changing the furniture. You can apply this color for your other rooms as well.

Reorganize Your Bookshelves

Reorganize your bookshelves

Reorganizing also help you to change you room decoration. Move your bookshelves on the corner will give a new touch for your room. Then, you can change the color of your bookshelves as well and give another ornament.

Add a Statement Tablecloth

Add a statement tablecloth

Add a tablecloth to the table of your dining room also a brilliant idea to change the decoration. Choose a bright color of tablecloth to make it eye catching and fresh.




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