15 Creative Ways to Make Vertical Garden to Inspire you

15 creative ways to make vertical garden to inspire you

Vertical garden is one of simple way to boost growing space in your home. It reduce insect and disease problems and also can beautify your space. With a little creativity, you can grow edibles on walls and fences. You can also create your own vertical garden with hanging baskets or even pallets.

1. Clay Pot Vertical Garden

Clay pot vertical garden

clay pot vertical gardenThis project is a great way to add greenery and the good thing about it is that this clay pot vertical garden is not taking up much of your space.

2. Vertical Garden

Vertical garden

This clay pot is made from old tray that are divided into planting cells. You can plant small annuals, perennials and edibles such as lettuce.

3. Ammunition Can Vertical Garden

Ammunition can vertical garden

If you have some ammunition cans or other square cans, upcycle them into a cute planters just like in the picture above.

4. Leather and Wood Trellis

Leather and wood trellis

If you want to plant several different types of plants, this leather and wood trellis is an idea that you need to consider.

5. Stand-Alone Wall

Stand-alone wall

Build this stand-alone wall by affixing hex wire netting to a cedar frame that can accommodate up to 30 posts.

6. DIY Wall Planter

Diy wall planter

Prepare a steel mesh, hanging pots and hooks to make this project, and you can have this wall planter take up as much space as you want.

7. Copper Pipe Hanging Planter

Copper pipe hanging planter

Hang a copper pipe on your wall and add some plants by hanging them in the copper pipe. You can add a flair and personality into your vertical garden with colorful string to hang your plants.

8. Hanging Glass Terrarium Planter

Hanging glass terrarium planter
 Display your succulents in several glass orb terrariums.

9. Recycled Pockets

Recycled pockets

Attach some pouches to a wall with screws and this recycled pocket is ready to make everyone’s eye are on this unique vertical garden.

10. Indoor Hanging Herb Garden

Indoor hanging herb garden

Decorate your kitchen with this hanging herb garden that made from wooden rods and curtain rings and your herbs are readily available for recipes.

11. Upcycled Dresser

Upcycled dresser

Fill your old dresser with soil and plant some beautiful planting in it (succulent). This idea is better option rather than throwing out your old dresser.

12. Hanging Planter

Hanging planter

This project is made from five wooden planks with openings that let pots dangle.

13. Pallet Garden

Pallet garden

Pallet is can be used in many ways. This project is using a pallet as the basic frame for your garden.

14. Stacked Crates

Stacked crates

Be creative by creating a vertical planter by stacking some crates with wooden planks.

15. Minimalist Vertical Garden

Minimalist vertical garden

Stacked cedar boxes attached to the side of your home. This project is a great options for you who prefer a clean, minimalist aesthetic vertical garden.


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