12 Inspiring Retro Style Ideas for Your Interior

Twin chairrs

Retro style usually has a fun with a bright colors, wild designs and overall sense of ‘flair’. This style requires such a bold approach and a certain personality to pull it off. On the contrary, retro style is loud, busy and funky.

1. Cool Collection of Vases

Cool mid-century modern chairs

Patterned rugs, collection vases, and Mid-Century modern chairs in the picture above is a retro pieces that enhance the existing contemporary style of your home.

2. Sophisticated Mid-Century Design Style

Another look at the gorgeous space...


This space is combining the themed sculptures with Mid-Century dallas and canvas decorative pillows.

3. Geometric Rug

Bright orange and the geometric rug usher in the retro vibe


The geometric rug and bright orange color give the space a retro vibe.

4. Twin Chairs

Twin chairs add a vintage style with ease!


This gorgeous chairs add a vintage style with ease. Add a patterned throw pillow, rug and unique table lamp to complement the look.

5. Small Living Room

Lovely design idea for a small living room


If you have a small space, try to copy this interior design.

6. Nice Combination

Living room combines several retro decor items even while staying modern


This space is combining several retro decor items while staying modern.

7. Clean Contemporary Design

Combine clean contemporary design with retro shades


Just combine your contemporary design with retro hues and voila, your retro style is in the air.

8. Add Shocking Color

Malm Lancer fireplace in bright orange does the trick here


Add a shocking color such as this Malm Lancer fireplace in bright orange is already make your white room turns retro.

9. A Splash of Colorful Exuberance

Surround yourself with color!


Surround your space with color and intricate patterns just like the picture above.

10. Retro Shelf

A shelf like this could redefine the look of your entire living space


A shelf like this could redefine the look of your entire living space. To keep modern, add a modern pieces in  your retro shelf. This kind of shelf is easy to find nowadays. But if you want to add your personality to your shelf, you can make a custom retro shelf just like what you want.

11. Go With Orange

Orange is a popular color choice for those looking to add a retro appeal


Orange is never go wrong. It is add a retro appeal easily to your space.

12. Go 60’s and 70’s

A fitting tribute to the vivacious 60s and the 70s!


Again, orange color is dominating the space. You can ad another color and hang a vintage art on your wall. What an awesome interior design!


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