10 Ways to Refresh your Fireplace for Spring

Refresh your fireplace mantel for spring

After long winter, it doesn’t feel right to empty the ashes and sweep out the heart before closing up the fireplace till next year? You can added dose of spring style to your fireplace to give it the otherwise dark space textural interest. You can incorporate a lot of greens, lanterns, candles, colorful flowers or anything else to decorate your fireplace and the mantel for your spring style.

1. Update The Mantel Fireplace

Simple White Pitcher Spring mantel with bookcases

Try to set the background with a painting, chalkboard or other unique item and add some repeating elements of roughly the same size. Add taller elements such as mason jars, small vases, or candles and plan for fresh flowers in your favorite vase.

2. Refresh your Fireplace Mantel for Spring

Refresh your fireplace mantel for spring

This project is trying to incorporate a lot of greens, lanterns and candles. This spot create a comfortable space to your house.

3. Whitewashed Wonder 

Whitewashed wonder

White paint with an eggshell finish was brushed on in small sections and them wiped down with rags to remove most of the paint. Sanded over all the bricks for the finishing touch.

4. Accentuate With Art

Accentuate with art

Try to accentuate your fireplace with art. But if you are on a budget, you can simply buy an art book and carefully cut out your favorite pages and frame it.

5. Dramatic Contrast

Dramatic contrast

A stone-veneer surround the fireplace and black wall will add plenty of drama. Consider to make a three-dimensional art piece as the finishing touch just like the picture above.

6. Salvage Shop Score

Salvage shop score

If you want to make your fireplace as the focal point of your room, try this design idea.

7. Add Symmetry Mirror

The mirror is mounted directly onto the built-in mirror and layering the mirror with symmetry. You can also add flower just like in the picture above.

8. Botanical Print

Collect some of your botanical print and display then on your mantel.

9. Circular Shape Mirror

A circular shape of mirror is great way to complement your square mantel.

10. Minimalist Statement

This design idea will help you create a modern vibe to your fireplace.


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