10 Simple Hacks to Make Your Tiny Space Looks Spacious


Lack of space is the most common problem. But having a small space does not necessarily mean that the room has to look cramped and dull. Here are some simple hack for you to make your tiny space look spacious below.

1. Light and neutral

Light and neutral

Choose a light and neutral color palette for the painting and furnishing of your room that will visually expand the room; off-white. If your wall is already in dark color, opt for lighter furniture to balance out the dark hues to avoid a cramped look.

2. Bright ceilings

Bright ceilings

Create an illusion of space and make your ceiling stand out at the same time by painting them in a light hue to draw attention upward and also create an illusion of higher ceiling.

3. Mirrors


Place a mirror directly across the windows to make your space appear larger. Mirror also enhances the natural light in your space and creates the illusion of a larger space.

4. Easy breezy

Easy breezy

Leave the windows bare to allow maximum light to filter into a small space. To enhancing the natural light, all you need is to get curtains that are sheer or have the same color as your walls.

5. Color-coordinated furniture

Colour-coordinated furniture

Consider to stick to a complementary scheme and streamline the color of the walls, furniture and decor pieces for an uninterrupted flow in your house to create a neater and brighter looking abode.

6. The bigger the better

The bigger the better

Instead of small furniture and decor pieces, use larger furniture decor pieces for a cleaner and brighter look. Small furniture and decor pieces will only make your space look cramped.

7. Elevated furniture

Elevated furniture

Choose furniture that are raised. The legs of it will draw the eye upward, giving the illusion of a spacious abode.

8. Use Semi-Opaque Materials

This panelite kitchen backsplash doubles as a bathroom wall.


Semi-opaque materials is good to allow light into windowless rooms.

9. Add a Loft Anywhere


Use loft anywhere to maximize your space and also provide privacy in shared areas.

10. Sliding Wall

This Brooklyn apartment feels much larger than its 500 square feet, thanks to large sliding doors with wide doorways.


Replace your door with this sliding wall to let your space breathe.


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