10 Beautiful Outdoor Backyard Kitchen Ideas

Summer entertaining area

An outdoor kitchen is a great way to equip your backyard for entertaining family, friend and guests. Think about how many people you intend to accommodate, your entertaining needs, and of course, your budget. Determine the best location for your kitchen; the size requirements, design layout, countertop placement, and the appliances that you will need. And last one, choose the best materials and equipment for accomplishing all your goals.

1. Patio Kitchen

Patio kitchen

Add a pop of color to your outdoor kitchen; bright red Navy chairs- and an eye-catching sign to make a statement for your space.

2. Rustic Outdoor Kitchen

Rustic outdoor kitchen

This outdoor kitchen is situated between troves of shady trees and features a pizza oven and dining area to hang out with family and friends.

3. Built-In Outdoor Kitchen

Built-in outdoor kitchen

make your own built-in outdoor kitchen with concrete just like in the picture above. The space beside the grilling is a space to prepare the ingredient or as serving table. You can also keep your wood below.

4. Open-Air Kitchen

Open-air kitchen

This open air kitchen is build this open-air kitchen and an enclosed living room that outfitted with electricity and water on both alongside the vegetable garden.

5. Outdoor Dining Patio

Outdoor dining patio

An eight-foot long bar lines the back wall inside the outdoor cabin and dining space on the patio outside.

6. Under-Awning Dining Space

Under-awning dining space

This design separate the cooking space and the dining space by an awning of sunbrella fabric and furnished with a picnic table and benches for the dining space.

7. DIY Grill Station

Diy grill station

Build your own outdoor kitchen space from stacked stones and a DIY wood structure just like in the picture above.

8. Modular Outdoor Kitchen

Modular outdoor kitchen

This outdoor kitchen is a customizable concrete outdoor kitchen that is so affordable and virtually maintenance-free.

9. Backyard Refrigerated Drawers

Backyard refrigerated drawers

This outdoor kitchen set-up proves that you don’t need a lot of space for a stylish and functional kitchen. This stacked two-refrigerator door keeps the beer and other refreshments at the ready.

10. Summer Entertaining Area

Summer entertaining area

This outdoor kitchen is includes a grill, cooktops, a refrigerator, a sink and a pizza oven that is the ultimate place to entertain during summer.


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