10 Curtain Alternatives to Dress Up Your Window

10 curtain alternatives to dress up your window

Decorating window treatments can make a major impact and and draw together an entire look. First of all, think about function before style. Whether you want to filter light, create a little privacy, or just want to add color to your space, having a window curtain is great option to consider. Check out these 10 curtain alternatives to dress up your window below.

1. Lacy Patches

Lacy patches

This colorful and feminine window curtain is so easy to make. You can find the lace doilies and some dye on a thrift store.

2. Vertical Garden

Vertical garden

This eco-friendly design transforms a curtain into a system of hanging pockets where you can grow flowers, herbs, or keep odds and ends.

3. Make it A Banner Day

Make it a banner day

Put a triangular flags over your existing curtains or simply use them as a stand-alone statement.

4. Stick Up Some Shelves

Stick up some shelves

Double your storage space by installing shelving across your windows.

5. Go Wild with Macrame

Go wild with macrame

Make your window space feel fresh by using a custom handmade macrame curtain. And you can also use it as a closet door alternative.

6. Whip Up a Fabric Valance

Whip up a fabric valance

A cool no-sew valance in a modern mix of hues and patterns. Loop strips of fabric or ribbon directly over a curtain rod or tension rod for a more polished, level look.

7. Pom Pom Curtain

Pom pom curtain

Get more pom pom in your life by adding a pom pom as your window curtain.Making a DIY pom pom is so easy to make and great especially if you are on a budget.

8. Barn Door Shutters

Barn door shutters

Reclaimed wood and classic barn door for an unusual look of your window.

9. Faux stained Glass

Faux stained glass

Infuse a jolt of color into your window with faux stained glass that will also add a privacy from snooping neighbors.

10. Create a Layered Look

Create a layered look

Switch your holiday wreath for one made of eucalyptus or dried flowers and hang it right on top of your windows. This look is equally in vogue for framed artwork too.


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