10 Awesome IKEA Billy Bookcases Ideas For Your Home

10 awesome ikea billy bookcases ideas for your home

IKEA Billy Bookcase is a storage solution that is great for small or even large space. The adjustable shelves of it can be arranged according to your needs. The good things about it is that it can be put everywhere; home office, bedroom, living room, closet, everywhere. Now check out these 10 ideas that we can do with this IKEA billy bookcase below.

1. Under The Stairs

Under the stairs

Fill your under the stairs with Billy bookcase as the smart way to use every inch of space in your home. You can put your book collection or other thing to be displayed there.

2. Custom It with Wallpaper

Custom it with wallpaper

Place two billy bookcase and custom it by putting wallpaper on its back cover. Choose wallpaper color and pattern based on the theme of your space to make it suitable for overall look.

3. Lighting


Add a light above the bookcase is a practical decision to lighten up your bookcase.

4. Paint It

Paint it

Custom your own billy bookcase look by paint it with your favorite color to complement the space.

5. Rows of Billy Bookcases

Rows of billy bookcase

This rows of bookcases will do the trick if you want to to furnish a home library to your home.

6. Room Divider

Room divider

Another great idea to use Billy bookcase is by using them as a room divider. You can also add a castors to it, so you can move it easily.

7. Crown Moldings

Crown moldings

A simple change of Billy bookcase can make it look better; adding a crown moldings for a better impression.

8. Wood Boards

Wood boards

Add several wood boards to make your plain bookcase looks like a modern two color built-in.

9. Connecting


Connecting several bookcases to provide a lot of storage space for books, magazines, boxes and other stuff.

10. Glass Doors

Glass doors

Add glass doors to your own bookcase to display your shoes collection in it.


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