10 Home Decor Upgrades from Your First Apartment

10 home decor upgrades from your first apartment

Your first apartment is maybe a blank slate, and all you want to do is filling it up with wonderful things. But decorating can be much more rewarding if you take it slow. Figure out what you want, save up for big purchases or even find a vintage piece that’s just right. Also remember that color is not everything.

You don’t need a lot of furniture to make your space feel finished. A brand-new “investment apartment” isn’t really complete without some solid “investment housewares,” so here are some options to upgrade those old first-apartment basics below.

1. Tiered Open Bookcase

Tiered open bookcase

Rustic meets glam in this chic asymmetrical open bookcase with the six uniquely tiered shelves incorporate stylish brown wood veneers with an arrangement that adds a touch of visual interest to any of your space. The metal frame features a gleaming high polish finish in champagne or chrome finish options. The open back lends an airy feel and elegance that allows your trinkets and mementos to shine.

2. Shower Curtain

Shower curtain

Toss out your old shower curtain liner and make your new bathroom the oasis of your home with a charming, sophisticated curtain.

3. Floor Mirror

Floor mirror

Choose a mirror that makes you feel like a queen. This modern swivel mirror tilts an updated view of the classic dressing room staple in a clean design of mixed materials

4. Cookware Set

Cookware set

This stainless steel set is beautiful, functional, and high-performance, so you’ll be able to take full advantage of your brand-new kitchen.

5. Dinnerware Set

Dinnerware set

This dinnerware set helps you a lot, so there is no more mismatched plates. Invest in some stylish dinnerware for all those parties you will be throwing at the new place.

6. Flatware Set

Flatware set

Buying a flatware set that’s big enough to entertain guests — and surprise them with your good taste.

7. Duvet Cover

Duvet cover

A duvet is great for switching out with the seasons and gives your bed a luxurious feel, so consider to invest in a good and stylish duvet cover.

8. Sconce


If you’re looking to trade up to something more sophisticated for your bedroom, wall sconces provide perfect lighting for reading and relaxing.

9. Area Rug

Area rug

Trade in an old rug for something more luxury to turn your space into a cozy retreat; soft, shag pile carpet.

10. Sectional


Moving to your first or next place is the perfect opportunity to invest in a quality couch that you’ll love for years.


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