10 Stylish DIY Home Decor Ideas to Upgrade your Home

10 stylish diy home decor ideas to upgrade your home

Upgrading your home decor is needed. We need something new to make your space look fresh, so we will not feel bored to see our own space. To upgrade your space, you don’t need to buy a new one. A small decorating projects can freshen up your home without costing fortune. So, it is best to start DIY project for your own.

The good thing about DIY-ing is that you don’t have to spend much money. Check out these 10 stylish DIY home decor ideas to upgrade your home below to inspire you.

1. DIY Yarn Tassel Curtains

Diy yarn tassel curtains

Changing the fabric of your curtain is an ordinary DIY to do. Instead of it, why don’t you try to make this easy DIY yarn tassel curtain to add a little texture to your curtain.

2. DIY Modern Leather Tufted Bench

Diy modern leather tufted bench

This DIY project is a perfect way to complement your space. The method is just the same as changing the fabric bench and choose leather tufted that is so retro. You can also add a patterned pillow on it to make it cozier to sit on.

3. DIY Mid-Century Wall clock

Diy mid-century wall clock

This DIY mid-century modern clock is surprisingly pretty simple to make and yes, it will cost you a lot less than most home decor to create. With a wood round and a bit of creativity, this gorgeous clock is in your hand.

4. DIY Printable Skincare Labels

Diy printable skincare labels

Let’s move on to the bathroom. Give your bottle dispenser a color with a printable label. This is also makes the guest of your home easily finding the thing that they need right away; soap, shampoo, etc.

5. DIY Wood and White Desk Organizers

Diy wood and white desk organizers

These desktop organizers will feed your need for clean, uncluttered surfaces. Their white and wood finish will further cater to your appreciation for mid-century modern aesthetics.

6. DIY Full Wall Industrial Piping Shelves

Diy full wall industrial piping shelves

Install some piping shelves to give your space an industrial look. You can use it to display your stuff and also hanging your clothes as the same time.

7. DIY Pendant + Leather Tassel

Diy pendant + leather tassel

Mood lighting is one of the most important aspects of a home.Light up your home with this DIY pendant featuring an industrial light bulb cage and a stylish burgundy leather tassel.

8. DIY Lucite Bathtub Caddy

Diy lucite bathtub caddy

Let yourself indulge with this luxurious bath caddy to set your bath salts, a candle or a book if you enjoy reading in the tub.

9. DIY Marble Lamp

Diy marble lamp

Give your boring lamp a fancy upgrade using marble paper to achieve chic finishing.

10. DIY Painted Eye Statement Wall

Diy painted eye statement wall

Make your boring wall a stand out look by paint them. In the picture above, you can see a mysterious eye pattern with deciphering meaning from things.


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