8 Coolest DIY Home Decor Ideas On a Budget


Home sweet home is a phrase that describes a nice home is important to have. One of the things that can support in creating a nice home is an interesting decor. No doubt that a nice home can make your home feel more homey. In fact, interesting home decors are not always expensive to reach. Even, you can do it by yourself so you’ll get some home decors on budget. Just check the ideas below.

  1. Mason Jar as Decorative Lamps

1. hanging lamp
Source : DIY Crafts You and Home Design

Utilizing your unused mason jars with LED light inside is interesting to embellish your ceiling.

  1. Wooden Planter

2. wooden planter
Source : My Chic Adventure

The next ideas in making a cheap decor are wooden planter. In this project, you’ll need some pieces of wooden plates and unused can. The planter is nice to place on the dining table as greenery.

  1. Alphabet Pumpkin and Flag

3. alphabet
Source : Dannyrose

The theme of this decor is about harvest. It’s so interesting to compile some letters with artificial pumpkins. Actually, the existence of the two of the frames is simple, but adding a flag, unused scale, and a bunch of grains is so cool to be a home decor.

  1. Kites on the Wall

4. kite
Source : Etsy

It’s cute to stick some kites on the wall in your kid’s bedroom. Surely, it will be a chic and cheap decor that you can do by yourself. You only need to be creative in making the kites and clouds.

  1. Writen Boards

5. rustic wall decor
Source : Decoralink Home Daily Decoration Ideas

At least you’ll get three things in creating written boards become a cool decor, such as creativity, simplicity, and art.

  1. Candle in Jar

6. candle in jar
Source : Connector Country

In this project, you just need to wrap the jars with yarn and fill it with a candle inside.

  1. Stripe Vase


7. stripe vase
Source : Homey Oh My
7. stripe vase 2
Source : Pinterest

Now, you can utilize your unused bottles and a roll of tape to be made become beautiful stripe vases. If there are no bottles, you can substitute with clear glass.

  1. Hearty Paper on the Wall

8. hearty paper on the wall
Source : Home Sweet Home

The last ideas that can be inspired you is hearty paper. Indeed it is simple, but so nice and cute to embellish the wall.


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