9 Unique Wall LED Lighting Designs that Will Upgrade Your Wall Look

Unique wall led lighting designs that will upgrade your wall look

Lighting is not only functioned to make brighter room but also decoration as well. Choose the best lighting will create new look for your house. The room may look bigger, more luxury or even more delightful. So, you have to make sure what lamp which will make your room better. Here are some unique lighting wall that will inspire you;

Magic Lantern LED Wall

Magic lantern lighting wall

It seems you are in a magic world like Harry Potter. The combination of glass and steel make this lamp looks unique to be put on the wall. Though this is not really bright, but looks good for outdoor lighting. Then, if you want to out this lantern on your bedroom wall, it will be good idea.

Novelty Wall Lamp

Novelty wall lamp

Brighter your living room by putting this glass ball lamp on the wall. This is great to apply at a modern house style. With one lamp, you can make your entire room shinier. It gives your room a luxury look as well.

Wall Lighting Fixtures

Wall lighting fixtures

This wall lighting fixtures provide you brighter room with using some LED on the wall. You can apply this lighting on your kitchen wall. You have to spend more money for buying the lamps, but you will not upset by the result.

Wall Light Circle

Wall light circle

Let your room be shinier buy using this wall light circle. Take this lamp for your library room to make looks more elegant. White lighting makes this room look longer. This is a perfect lighting for a room for reading book.

Bedroom Pendant Light

Bedroom pendant light

This makes your bedroom look luxurious putting pendant light on the wall. The large room and white wall, this bedroom feels so deluxe. Applying this pendant light is good choice for you who likes a royal room for their house.

Decorative Pieces Unique Wall Light


Apply this decorative unique wall light for your bathroom is brilliant idea. Look at the unique design of the light that will make your bathroom look stunning. You can buy this lamp on the storage near to your house and change your bathroom lamp soon!

Shaped Crystal Entryway Led Wall Lights

Shaped crystal entryway led wall lights

This is not a WIFI symbol but shaped crystal led wall lights for your entry way. This looks astounding to be put on your living room wall as well. The crystal shows the luxury of your room, while the light make your room looks bigger.

Balloon Shape Unique Wall Light Fixtures


This balloon shape light will make your children bedroom more cheerful. Blue balloon light is good to be switched on before sleep. Then, the white one will accompany your children reading their lovely books at night.

Traffic Light Design

Traffic light design

This is not traffic light on your house. Putting this industrial lamp on the wall will be marvelous idea. It is good to be put on the bedroom and or terrace. The variety color of this lamp makes your house looks different and special.



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