8 Modern Fireplace Tile Ideas For Stunning Home Decor

Granite fireplace tile

A modern style of fireplace makes perfect view for your modern house style. This is the place where you can sit together with your family to enjoy the winter. Fireplace should give you warm and has beautiful frame design. This part also functions as the jewel of interior design. See these fireplace designs for your inspiration;

Herringbone Fireplace Tile Pattern

Herringbone fileplace tile pattern

If you want to have a different style of fireplace, this herringbone fireplace can be one of your inspirations. With heat tolerant tiles decorated with herringbone pattern make your room looks modern and stylish. Let your family and friend enjoy the fireplace while watching their favorite TV show.

Granite Fireplace Tile

Granite fireplace tile ideas

Black granite is become the most popular material for fireplace tile in the world. Granite gives your fireplace modern and luxury look. This material is chosen as fireplace tile material because enormous heat resistance, high abrasion resistance, resistance to acids and bases, and resistance to stains. It looks perfect for your modern house.

Pebble Fireplace Tile Texture

Pebble fireplace tile texture

Pebble fireplace tile provides head resistance and durability. Using this material for fireplace tile will not make it look too rustic. The color of pebble shows earthy-look with brings us together back to the nature. Then, this will be your favorite place to spend your leisure time at winter.

Porcelain Fireplace Tile

Porcelain fireplace tile

Porcelain is a perfect material for fireplace tile to make your mouse look fresh. This material is suitable for any modern house design. You are pleased to choose the variety of colors and sizes as like as your desire. It can be combined with any material such as wood, metal, linen, leather, and others.

Marble Fireplace Tile

Marble fireplace tile

This is another fireplace tiles that will makes your house different. Using marble will make your fireplace tile timeless, elegant and luxurious in every season. You can choose the colors to be matched with your wall which will bring glamour look.

Brick White Fireplace

Brick white fireplace

In one color, this fireplace looks more elegant. The design is simple and uses simple materials as well. Then, the white color brings the fireplace into peace and calm atmosphere. You will have warm and cozy environment with this brick white fireplace.

Glass Mosaic Fireplace Tiles

Glass mosaic fireplace tiles

A modern looks also provides by glass mosaic fireplace. You can create it in any colors you like to make it more luxurious. This style need extensive budget which brings elegant design for your fireplace. Grab it soon for contemporary design this winter.

Terra-cotta Fireplace Tiles

Terra-cotta fireplace tiles

No matter your house in modern or traditional design, this terra-cotta fireplace tile will bring different style for your house. It looks more natural with rustic look. Even, this fireplace tile makes us feel like in medieval era.





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