10 Ways to Instantly Summer-ize Your Home Decor

10 ways to instantly summer-ize your home decor

When decorating your space, declutter your home by simply hiding your stuff won’t cut it. Get the air and light flowing throughout your space. You can maximize your light movement by keeping all glass, mirrors and window clean.

If you have dark spot in your space, add a lamp to illuminate the spot, or place a mirror to reflect light from a different spot. If it’s possible, add a plant even in your indoor space. To activate your energy, add more of your favorite color to your space. Because summer is near, n ow check out these 10 ways to instantly SUMMER-ize your home decor below.

1. Dot & Bo Just Bead It Chandelier

Dot & bo just bead it chandelier

This awesome lighting fixture would totally sway in those warm summer night breezes of your space.

2. Sun Mirror

Sun mirror

This metallic mirror is a functional, stunning conversation piece that gives you an instant rays of sunshine indoors.

3. Moroccan Pouf

Moroccan pouf

This comfy pouf packs a serious punch of summer color and features embroidered and stitched details done by hand. It is a great extra seating that great for indoor or even outdoor.

4. Urban Outfitters Plum & Bow Rolling Hills Comforter

Urban outfitters plum & bow rolling hills comforter

This is a dreamy summer landscape print you can sleep on.

5. Hanging Planter

Hanging planter

This indigo and white planter will injects instant life into your abode. Bring the outdoors indoors and feel garden-fresh all summer long.

6. Coral Pantone Clock

Coral pantone clock

Let’s incorporate this sweet color clock into your space. This orangey-colored clock doubles as art in your home. Just hang it in your wall, and this gorgeous clock is in full swing during the summer.

7. Pom Pom Venice Basket

Pom pom venice basket

This pom pom basket pack a serious pop of color that also great as a laundry basket that you will actually want to display.

8. Graphic tapestry

Graphic tapestry

This tapestry is consist of trendy patterns and bright color. It is very multi-purpose thing to consider.

9. Anthropologie Marrakech Curtain

Anthropologie marrakech curtain

Switch up your curtain with this blue and white fabric that remind you of Santorini, and imagine these blowing in the breeze with an open window.

10. Pineapple Pillow

Pineapple pillow

This gorgeous gold pineapple pillow really bring the summer vibe to your space. Even when the summer is over, you can simply change the pillow cover and you can still have it out.


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