10 Inspiring Lush Green Velvet Sofas In Cozy Living Room

10 inspiring lush green velvet sofas in cozy living room

Many people love green.  This color is going to be favorite for everyone because close to the nature. Green can be look wonderful pairs with any natural color such as brown or black. Lush green velvet sofa in a cozy living room makes your house cheerful and bright. Here are some of them;

Soft Green Velvet Sofa with Butterfly Artwork


This green velvet sofa will fresh your living room. Especially, when you add butterfly work on the wall. They become a perfect combination for your lovely living room. Green is always close to natural atmosphere.

Green Velvet Sofa with White Pillows


Combining green velvet sofa with white pillow is great idea. It looks more elegant and fresh. The white color of the wall also makes this design more impressive. You will enjoy to rest your body after long time room at this living room.

Green Sofa with Natural Wood Coffee Table


Green is always amazing pair with brown. They are natural color that will bring you back to the nature. After long day busy with any activities, it is time for you to rest your mind and enjoy the living room.

Green Velvet Sofa with Wood Side Table


Try to have different style of living room by putting the table inside the green velvet sofa. It looks great. You can store your favorite magazine on the table and read whenever you want. The chandelier also makes this room more astonishing.

Green Velvet Sofa with Multi Color Lighting


Make your living room more cheerful by adding multi color lighting. Add some pillows with different colors will make your living room more pleasant. The variety of art works hang on the wall create ecstatic value.

Green Velvet Sofa with Hanging House Plant


What a wonderful view inside a living room. The role of hanging house plant makes your room more impressive. It looks cozy and fresh. Here, you can enjoy yourself by reading novel or listening to the music you like.

Green Velvet Sofa with Purple Pillow


Look at this design! Purple pillow looks tremendous to be paired with green velvet sofa as well. When you add another sofa with different color will make your room attractive. Try this design for your room soon!

Green Velvet Sofa with Red Side Table


A red side table can be paired with green velvet sofa for your living room. You can put your family photo on the table as well. It looks more interesting by having floral pillow.

Muted Green Velvet Sofa with White Gallery Wall


Create a modern look of living room by adding white gallery wall. Let yourself enjoy any season with this wonderful design.  The use of free stand lighting makes the room more aesthetic.

Dark Green Velvet Sofa against White Brick Wall


Rounded table in front of dark green velvet sofa makes your living room more incredible. The white brick wall makes it adequate. Your guest will love this design as well.









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