10 Most Fascinating Kitchen Island with Intriguing Layouts

10 most fascinating kitchen island with intriguing layouts

The usage of kitchen island is to fulfill all of your cooking and entertaining needs. It can be a focal point of your kitchen space if you make it unique and interesting. You can also stylize your kitchen island with texture, color pattern that is different from others to make your kitchen island is unique and original. There are so many variety of unusual shapes, material and colors that you can choose. But the most popular kitchen island styles are contemporary, traditional and eclectic style. Check out these 10 most fascinating kitchen island with intriguing layouts below to inspire you.

1. Roll Play Kitchen Island

Roll play kitchen island

This kitchen island base is a mid-century workshop machine, and the counter is locally resourced and made from reclaimed wood planks. This kitchen island is so flexible to move because it has a wheels.

2. Tool of The Trade

Tool of the trade

This simple kitchen island is combining seating and storage in a single movable piece.

3. Industrial Inspiration




Industrial inspiration

Consider a freestanding kitchen island made from recycled materials rather than a built-in island. It is a great design to add a counter space, as a high bench dining table for the eat-in kitchen and also as a workbench/desk. This kitchen island is so timeless and can be custom-built to any size, color or finish.

4. Store More

Store more

This kitchen island is consist of a haberdashery display cabinet. The toughened glass provides an excellent work surface, and the drawers provide an excellent space to accommodate and display treasured crockery and table linens.

5. Modern Rustic Kitchen Island

Modern rustic kitchen island

This kitchen island is built using reclaimed barn wood and topped it with a honed Carrara marble countertop.

6. All the Angles

All the angles

The unusual shape of the island matches the corners on that side of the home, and the recessed ceiling above the counter

7. Historic character

Historic character

This kitchen island is made from reclaimed wood that has a drawers on both sides and wine storage underneath as well as shelves for cook books. The two compartments on top have been outfitted with electrical outlets to plug in tablets, laptops, phone or other small appliances. This kitchen island is also has towel bars and a bottle opener attached to it.

8. Exotic Accent

Exotic accent

This kitchen island is used reclaimed boat wood from Indonesia with the original paint still on each plank that brings an authentic feel to the space. The raised bar is Portland cement, which can be broken and recycled.

9. Packed with Storage

Packed with storage

Take every inch of your kitchen island by outfitting it with drawers, shelves, cabinets and even under-counter appliances. This kitchen island is also add a pull-out spice drawer to store frequently used items in an easily accessible space, a wine refrigerator and a raised dining bar.

10. Sliding Scale

Sliding scale

This narrow, wheeled cart can be a space-savvy alternative to a traditional built-in island and provide a flexibility in the kitchen.


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