10 Teen Girls Bedroom Ideas with Simple Interior

Chic bedroom

A transition from a little girl to a young lady is not an easy phase. The style that teen girl choose is become more mature, especially for their bedroom. A stylish bedroom for teen girl is the one that allow them to relax, move around, organize clutter, and even accommodate your friends. If you are searching for an inspiration in designing teen girl bedroom, here are 10 teen girl’s bedroom with simple interior below to inspire you.

1. Space for Twin

Space for twin

This bedroom is using a modern minimalist design with a splashes of vibrant hues that make the room youthful.

2. Chic Bedroom

Chic bedroom

The combination of soft-toned-colors makes this room so chic and girly. The pink lamp next to the bed is perfect for teens who love to read before sleeping.

3. Brilliant Focal Point

Brilliant focal point

The wallpaper makes a brilliant focal point. And the artistic hanging accessory adds glamour feel to this teen girl bedroom.

4. A Splash of Purple and Pink

A splash of purple and pink

This bedroom is so simple but standout. The table in front gives you convenience and ease while studying or working on a project.

5. Minimalist Design

Minimalist design

This bedroom is full of shelves and storage room to use for. This is suited for teenagers who love to host pajama parties or even for just simple sleepovers only.

6. Camerette Per Ragazzi

Camerette per ragazzi

This bedroom is so charming. The shades of pastel give zest to this room.

7. Stylish Bedroom

Stylish bedroom

The floral accent, the red accessories that complement the neutral colored walls and how the shelves were built make this room remarkably.

8. Nature-Lover Teenage Girl Bedroom

Nature-lover teenage girl bedroom

The earth colors of this bedroom is deliver a calm ambiance to this room.

9. Wooden Furniture

Wooden furniture

The wood, the soft colors and curved furniture bring in a feminine touch, a lovely design for any growing lady.

10. Soft, Cozy and Simple

Soft, cozy and simple

This bedroom dishes out big style with an intricately patterned wallpaper accent wall, chandelier light fixture and a romantic gauzy bed canopy.


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