Best Image About Wainscoting Styles for Your Next Project

Best image about wainscoting styles for your next project

Wainscoting is a broad term referring to trim that is added to the bottom quarter of the wall. It helps enhance the structure and design of the room. It is splitting the wall into two sections and give the eye a line to follow.  Wainscoting can also give height and presence to your space by elongating the look of the wall when placed at the right level.

The function of it is to give formality and balance to your space and give a space a textural interest that ordinary, but flat painted walls cannot achieve. Wainscoting refers to the application of decorative paneling that’s placed between a baseboard that running along the floor ad a chair rail. Wainscoting is very popular in the New England area and has been around for centuries. Check out these best image about this style for your next project below.

Accent Wall Wainscoting for Space Divider

Accent wall wainscoting for space divider
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Beautiful Wainscoting Styles Bathroom for Big Family

Beautiful wainscoting styles bathroom for big family
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Best Bathroom Ideas with Wainscoting Inspiration

Best bathroom ideas with wainscoting inspiration
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DIY Stair Wainscoting Was One of my Trickiest

Diy stair wainscoting was one of my trickiest
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Gorgeous Wainscoting Projects for Dinning Room

Gorgeous wainscoting projects for dinning room
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Stained Solid Wood Wainscoting

Stained solid wood wainscoting
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Traditional Blue Dining Room with Wainscoting

Traditional blue dining room with wainscoting
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Wainscoting Style Ideas for Home Docor

Wainscoting style ideas for home docor
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Wainscoting Style in Best Kitchen

Wainscoting style in best kitchen
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Wainscoting Styles for Bench in Corner Stairs

Wainscoting styles for bench in corner stairs
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Wainscoting Styles for Living Room Decoration

Wainscoting styles for living room decoration
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Wainscoting Styles for Your Next Project

Wainscoting styles for your next project
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Wainscoting Styles Ideas for Living Room Ideas

Wainscoting styles ideas for living room
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Wainscoting Styles to Best Stair Decoration

Wainscoting styles to best stair decoration
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Wainscoting Styles to Design Every Room

Wainscoting styles to design every room
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White Wainscoting Walls in Formal Dining Room

White wainscoting walls in the formal dining room
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