DIY Wooden Log and Slice Home Decor Ideas to Copy Right Now

Diy wooden log and slice home decor ideas to copy right now

There are many kinds of rustic interior design styles to achieve a rustic feel to your space. Rustic accessories will work well into a contemporary design and provide for a fresh interpretation with the pairing of reclaimed wood and natural elements with existing modern pieces. You can try to pair an eclectic mix of textured fabrics and materials with a sophisticated color palette. This style can be achieved only with a minimal effort.

For example, to display natural wood, use rough-hewn beams to help define a space architecturally. You can add beams surround your fireplace, line walls or frame windows or even ceilings. Or, consider to use wooden log for your home decor. Check out these DIY wooden log and slice home decor ideas to copy right now.

DIY Wood Slice Backdrop for Home Decor

Make your own wood slice backdrop for home decor

Source: Pinterest

DIY Chair Design for Log and Slice Wooden

Diy chair design for log and slice wooden
Source: Pinterest

DIY Clock Wall-Mounte for Slice Wooden

Diy clock wall-mounte for slice wooden
Source: Pinterest

DIY Log Slice Coasters

Diy log slice coasters
Source: Pinterest

DIY Mirror Ideas with Wooden Slice log

Diy mirror ideas with wooden log and slice
Source: Pinterest

DIY Rustic Decor Ideas Using Logs

Diy rustic decor ideas using logs
Source: Pinterest

DIY Rustic Log Side Table Instructions

Diy rustic log side table instructions
Source: Pinterest

DIY Stair Wooden Slices for Home Docor

Diy stair wooden slices for home docor
Source: Pinterest

Raw Wood Logs and Stumps DIY Ideas Projects

Raw wood logs and stumps diy ideas projects
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Smart DIY Wooden Log Projects for Your Home Improvement

Smart diy wooden log projects for your home improvement
Source: Pinterest

Spectacular Lamp with Logs for Home Decor

Spectacular lamp with logs for home decor
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Tree Slice Display Stand with Four Long Legs Home Decor

Tree slice display stand with 4 long legs home décor
Source: Pinterest

Unique Coffee Table with Slicer Wooden

Unique coffee table with slicer wooden
Source: Pinterest

Wood Slice Headboard in Works for Table

Wood slice headboard in works for table
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