Lovely Velvet Living Room Furniture

Lovely velvet living room furniture (1)

When arranging your living room furniture, establish the focal point and arrange furniture around the space. Create a conversation are using the furniture, so all the member of the house can comfortably talk to each other. Don’t forget to leave enough space to walk around the furniture so you can easily get from one side of the room to another; traffic flow. The biggest mistakes that common people make in the living room is pulling the furniture close to the walls, so, pull the furniture away from the walls to create a more intimate setting.

Find balance when decorate the furniture and determine where to put items in your living room; consider both size and placement of the various pieces. Use the right size rug under furniture in a seating arrangement can sit on it and get a big coffee table that is great for aesthetic and function. Consider the lighting properly; use a mix of overhead lighting, floor lamps and table lamps. Check out these lovely velvet living room furniture below to inspire you.

Blue and Pink are the Main Colors in the Living Room

Blue and pink are the main colors in the living room
Source; Pinterest

Blushing Velvet Living Room

Blushing velvet living room
Source; Pinterest

Boho Chic Living Room with a Blue Velvet Howard Sofa

Boho chic living room with a blue velvet howard sofa
Source; Pinterest

Deep Blue Gray and Forest Green Shades

Deep blue gray and forest green shades
Source; Pinterest

Green Sofa in the Living Room

Green sofa in the living room
Source; Pinterest

Green Velvet Sofa and Grey Walls in the Living Room

Green velvet sofa and grey walls in the living room
Source; Pinterest

Living Room Dark Paint Color Grey Blue Mirror Rug Side Table

Living room dark paint color grey blue mirror rug side table
Source; Pinterest

Living Room Full Color

Living room full color
Source; Pinterest

Living Room Grey Scheme

Living room grey scheme
Source; Pinterest

Living Room with Indoor Plants

Living room with indoor plants
Source; Pinterest

Living Room with Large Paintings or Photos Make Room Appear Taller

Living room with large paintings or photos make room appear taller
Source; Pinterest

Living Room with Piper Velvet Sofa and Pillow Set

Living room with piper velvet sofa and pillow set
Source; Pinterest

Living Room with Weathered Black and Grey Oriental Rug

Living room with weathered black and grey oriental rug
Source; Pinterest

Rich Brown and Light Green Living Room Design

Rich brown and light green living room design
Source; Pinterest

Velvet Quilted Sofa Marble Top Coffee and Side Tables Wooden Shelves

Velvet quilted sofa, marble top coffee and side tables, wooden shelves
Source; Pinterest


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