Simple and Practical Clothing Racks for Casual Decor

Simple and practical clothing racks for casual decor

Casual room have simple details, textured elements in fabrics and accessories, restful horizontal lines, soft upholstery, low-luster surfaces, and arrangements that avoid perfect symmetry. The detail of casual room is simple, and elements are rectangular or softly curved. This style is perfect to have a touch of whimsey. This decorating is easily incorporated into rustic, French Country, cottage, Shabby Chic or even American Country decorating styles.

In casual style, choose furniture that is soft and comfortable and many of the upholstered furniture is covered in neutral color; tan, gray, beige, off-white, etc. The fabric on furniture and pillows are usually textured and if you want to add special accent on your upholstered pieces, try adding ruffles, pleats, buttons, ribbon or even cording. For the flooring, light woods are dominating. Check out these simple and practical clothing racks for casual decor below to inspire you.

Ceiling Clothing Rack

Ceiling clothing rack
Source : Pinterest

Clothes Rack Collapsible

Clothes rack collapsible
Source : Pinterest

Clothing Rack made in Iron and Wood

Clothing rack made in iron and wood
Source : Pinterest

Clothing Racks using Long Ropes

Clothing racks using long ropes
Source : Pinterest

Clothing Rail in the Bedroom

Clothing rail in the bedroom
Source : Pinterest

Folding Clothes Rack

Folding clothes rack
Source : Pinterest

Freestanding Clothing Racks

Freestanding clothing racks
Source : Pinterest

Geometric Clothing and Coat Racks

Geometric clothing and coat racks
Source : Pinterest

Handmade Children’s Wooden Clothing Rack Timber

Handmade children's wooden clothing rack timber
Source : Pinterest

Multi-purpose Clothing and Drying Rack

Multi-purpose clothing and drying rack
Source : Pinterest

Pipe Clothing Rack

Pipe clothing rack
Source : Pinterest

Rustic Clothing Rack

Rustic clothing rack
Source : Pinterest

Simple Hanging Clothes Rack

Simple hanging clothes rack
Source : Pinterest

Simple Little Clothes Rack

Simple little clothes rack
Source : Pinterest

Simple Wardrobe Organization

Simple wardrobe organization
Source : Pinterest

Wooden Clothing Rack

Wooden clothing rack
Source : Pinterest


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