Staircase Landings Featuring Creative Use of Space

Staircase landings featuring creative use of space

There are many kinds of staircase structure for your home; spiral stairs, L-shaped stairs, and else- but you can’t always change what you got. Fortunately, you still can decide how to decorate your stairs. For example, if you have double-staircases with small landing, you can add bookcases, seating, plant or other option that you like. With some creative idea, you will be surprised on how much you can do only with a small space.

The staircase landing refers to the space at the bottom or the top of the stairs, or a space between the flights or the stairs. Many people did not use the space and this space is become a dead space. You only need to be creative to turn that space into something that can beautify your space. Check out these staircase landings featuring creative use of space below to inspire you.

Attractive Use of a Large Stairway Landing

Attractive use of a large stairway landing
Source: Pinterest

Awesome Landing and Gorgeous Wide Staircase

Awesome landing and gorgeous wide staircase
Source: Pinterest

Built-in Game Table On Landing Staircase

Built-in game table on the landing staircase
Source: Pinterest

Cozy Nooks Landings Stairs Creative Use of Space

Cozy nooks landings stairs creative use of space
Source: Pinterest

Creative Black Accents at Stair Landing Design

Creative black accents at stair landing design
Source: Pinterest

Creative Reading Nook in Stair Landing

Creative reading nook in stair landing
Source: Pinterest

Creative Stair Landing Design for Reading and Relax

Creative stair landing design for reading and relax
Source: Pinterest

Large Stair Landing Or Underutilized Nook In Your Home Can Transform Into Ideal

Large stair landing or an underutilized nook in your home can transform into the ideal
Source: Pinterest

Reading Nook in Stair Landing

Reading nook in stair landing
Source: Pinterest

Rustic Stair Landing Ideas Use of Space

Rustic stair landing ideas use of space
Source: Pinterest

Shabby Chic Inspirations for Stair Landing Creative Use of Space

Shabby chic inspirations for stair landing creative use of space
Source: Pinterest

Sofa Under the Window, on Landing at Stair Use of Space

Sofa under the window, on landing at stair use of space
Source: Pinterest

Stairs and Landing are the Connecting Space with Creative Art Ideas

Stairs and landing are the connecting space with creative art ideas
Source: Pinterest

Very Efficient Use for a Difficult Space Bookcases Everywhere for Landing Stair

Very efficient use for a difficult space bookcases everywhere for landing stair
Source: Pinterest

Very Unique and Appealing, Reading and Relaxing Area in Stair Landing

Very unique and appealing, a reading and relaxing area in stair landing
Source: Pinterest


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