Smart Ideas to Decorate your Big Window

Smart ideas to decorate your big window

When talking about windows, many people prefer large windows rather than the small one because large windows are best when the outside views are so beautiful to see from outside. Large window also provides lots of natural light that makes your space brighter, spacious and airy. But decorating large windows is not as easy as you think.

Try to create contrasts to your space that already bright because of the natural light that the large window gives to your space; darker colors and rich textures. Or consider to create a nice balance and warm color palette to complement the light coming through the window. For example, add a bright yellow accent pieces or orange element for a dynamic and refreshing look to your space. Have a look at these smart ideas to decorate your big window below to inspire you.

Arch Window Treatment Traditional Curtains

Arch window treatment traditional curtains
Source : Pinterest

Big Window with Leaf Decor

Big window with leaf decor
Source : Pinterest

Blush Drapes Flooding the Floor

Blush drapes flooding the floor
Source : Pinterest

Burnout Velvet Fringe Window Valance

Burnout velvet fringe window valance
Source : Pinterest

Cottage Window Treatment

Cottage window treatment
Source : Pinterest

Curtain Valance on a Window in White

Curtain valance on a window in white
Source : Pinterest

Curtains and Blinds

Curtains and blinds
Source : Pinterest

Curtains on a Triangular Window

Curtains on a triangular window
Source : Pinterest

Mini Wreaths Hung from Red Ribbon in Window

Mini wreaths hung from red ribbon in window
Source : Pinterest

Tablecloths as Curtain Panels for Sliding Glass Doors

Tablecloths as curtain panels for sliding glass doors
Source : Pinterest

The Window Seat

The window seat
Source : Pinterest

Window Kitchen with Small Plant

Window kitchen with small plant
Source : Pinterest

Window Ornaments with Ribbon off the Curtain Rod

Window ornaments with ribbon off the curtain rod
Source : Pinterest

Window with Curtain White

Window with curtain white
Source : Pinterest

Window with Rack Bookshelf

Window with rack bookshelf
Source : Pinterest


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